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Mariella has over 10 years of experience as a yoga teacher trained by Alan Finger in NYC (2005).   Completed a course in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy from Integral Yoga Institute, NYC (2005).  She also has a degree in Shiatsu from the Thessaloniki International School with Theodoris Xaralambidis (2006). She taught pregnancy yoga and yoga for beginners at Zunray Yoga, where she also helped start a Montessori based school called Zunray Kids (2011).  She has studied Fengshui at Escuela Europea de Fengshui - Barcelona, with Mr. Angel Garcia (2013).  She acquired her Reiki Master level three in Miami, Fl, at Synergy Yoga with Sally Preston Caplan (2015).  She recently graduated from the Family Constellation Institute of Miami, Florida, where she studied for over four years with Michelle Bleckner. With over 18 years of experience with sacred medicine, she believes that this healing format is most similar to the insight brought through by ceremony. Currently enrolled in Pablo Ferraro Sistemia Consuliting Sistemic Coaching Coarse (2023) and on her way to launch her you tube chanel dedicated to gardening a counsel as well as cooking with entrepenuers who have been throught the dificulties of change

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