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It had been a while, a couple of months at least, since I spoke to one of my favorite teachers, mentor, friend, and beloved mothers figueres, Rubia Machado. A crone by definition, we get together over the pho

We got deep into conversation about my revelations in my journey of becoming a constellation facilitator. Spoke about the hurdles and blind spots I have overcome and come to terms with in this year of learning. As we were picking apart certain experiences and bringing them into the context of life for we know each other for more than 40 years she brought me to this conclusion that seemed so simple yet incredibly profound I had to share.

She said: "Don't forget, Mariella, That to feel is to truly live. For if we did not feel life would be a series of events with no real meaning or reason of being. When we feel life becomes expansive and full of intentions. Never forget to feel to feel is to live."

I want to celebrate the wisdom of our elders here today and want to give thanks that I still have this elder to share with. May their wisdom nestle with in us and

continue to live through our children.


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