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Guess what? I am training with Suzi Tucker!!!

I am so excited to share that I will spend my winter season training with Suzi Tucker expanding my vessel and learning more about constellation work from the woman who brought Family Constellations to the United States. Following an active publishing career, she co-founded the Bert Hellinger Institute, USA, LLC. Subsequently, she went on to study, teach, and facilitate family constellations on her own, across the United States and Canada. Now a longtime professional in the field, Suzi brings to her facilitation a particular blend of clarity, warmth, humor, and commitment to authenticity. Suzi makes us think deeper, push our boundaries broader, and teaches us how to facilitate from a place of non-judgment. She reminds us that we must "leave the orthodox behind" and says, "as a facilitator, I am free not to be your mom, and in that freedom, I can see things you can't." I am so honored to continue my studies with Suzi, the teacher of my beloved mentor, Michelle Blechner, founder of the Mosaic Movement. A true blessing and all the more to share.

In gratitude,

Mariella Echeverri Parra

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